4 thoughts on “The Beatles’ singles – John Higgs

  1. At last someone sticking up for All You Need Is Love. Why shouldn’t a song preach to the average person. It shouldn’t have to satisfy the intellectuals. That’s just preaching to the converted. The song just makes me happy.
    I dont believe Yelow Submarine was thought of as a childrens song at the time. Wasnt it more in the mould of the hippy whimsical cartoon characters that Syd Barrett populated Pink Floyd’s first album with.
    The group Rain – weren’t they actually a beatles tribute band. I seem to remember seeing them as such and then buying their album after the show. Quite good if I remember right. Perhaps I’m wrong about that.


    • I can remember Melody Maker’s review of Revolver which praised Yellow Submarine on the basis that it was an instantly classic children’s song.


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