EggPod: Episode one – coming soon…

Welcome to I am the EggPod, a series of podcasts with special guests who you may not have realised were Beatles fans.

Episode one will be online very shortly and will feature co-founder, Rob Manuel (@robmanuel) who will be sharing his love of the 1965 classic album Rubber Soul.


For as long as the Internet has been around this man has been there, creating a multitude of quizzes, Flash animations, songs and general silliness. Through the site he explored the realms of social media long before Facebook and Twitter, and encouraged members to explore their own creativity. Kitten memes were old hat by the time lolcats emerged and the B3ta Radio show preceded interactive radio & by a decade.

Rob edited the Trinity Mirror web project UsVsTh3m and is currently working on a number of projects, such as He’s also providing much glee with his Twitter bots: Clickbait Robot; Swear Clock; Bad Friends bot; TOTPbot and the sublime Yokoonobot.

Stay tuned for more information…

In the mean time, why not have a look at the EggPod sister site?