2 thoughts on “1: Rubber Soul – Rob Manuel

  1. This is a great listen ; some interesting points made and some very amusing banter 🙂 ! Similar to Rob, this was the only Beatles record my parents had (of not many records). I can remember playing it over and over as soon as I was first allowed access to our record player at home. For what it’s worth, I too love the opening piano chords to “The Word” and also the drone harmonium sound that comes in and out during the track. Enjoyed the banter about “What Goes On” though I don’t think it that bad a song ? ; obviously good enough to open side two of the record. It sounds to me like they were doing a “retro” 1950’s attempt at some country Americana – sort of Sun Records meets Moon Mullican if you like, where a lot of the guitar does sound clunky and twangy. Looking forward to next episode !!

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  2. Really enjoyed this pod!

    Revolver is my favourite, but I find myself listening to Rubber Soul more often. It´s softer and friendlier, while Revolver is edgier and requires a certain mood. Rubber Soul is a warm hug, Revolver is jumping off a cliff into cold water. Not sure where I´m going with this. Sorry.

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