One thought on “9: Give My Regards To Broad Street – Iain Lee

  1. Another lovely podcast – I saw Broad Street opening night, dragged my friends along, early, as I was anticipating rush crowds. We were almost the only people in the cinema. Good live bits, the rest, as you say, was terrible. No More Lonely Nights I recall thinking, Paul’s finally got someone decent on guitar! (I was 17 then so didn’t yet instinctively know David Gilmour’s sound).

    I do agree that the version of Yesterday is even better than the original – Paul’s older, wiser(?) voice much better suits the song, and having sung in live for almost 10 years by that point allowed him do develop slightly different phrasing and intonation. Almost, but not quite, Glenn Gould’s two versions of the Goldberg Variations, although those have much greater differences between the versions. Also there’s another connection to Glenn Gould. The Beatles are widely decried to be pioneers of being exclusively studio artists with their renunciation of touring in 1966. However Glenn Gould, a famous concert pianist, stopped touring in 1964, tired of being a “performing monkey” and having to change his playing to suit large spaces.


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