Anthology 2 (part 2) – Geoff Lloyd


Part 2 of 2. Broadcaster, writer and podcaster, Geoff Lloyd, discusses disc 2 of The Beatles’ Anthology 2 with Chris Shaw.

Geoff Lloyd 2

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2 thoughts on “Anthology 2 (part 2) – Geoff Lloyd

  1. Fun show. Interesting comments on Ringo’s dancing ability being so poor. Perhaps Geoff has not seen Ringo in the Maysles Brothers film on the Beatles first US visit. Watch it and then say Ringo can’t dance.

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  2. Fascinating, loved it. Shocked to learn that the intermediate version of Revolution (fast but with the shuby-do-waps, as they played on the semi-live video recording (to a backing track) that premiered on the David Frost show, did not appear on Anthology 3. Perhaps an Anthology 4, for all the best takes that were missed?


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