Memory Almost Full – Iain Lee

Broadcaster and writer, Iain Lee, discusses Paul McCartney’s 2007 album Memory Almost Full with Chris Shaw.


Also available on Spotify, iTunes and your favourite podstuff.

4 thoughts on “Memory Almost Full – Iain Lee

  1. Fantastic episode on an album I haven’t really rated until now. Thanks.

    Absolutely loved that you kept in the real-life moments – cat-related diversions and parcel delivery event.
    “Willow! Willow!”. Yes!!!


  2. Great episode, thanks Chris and Iain. A couple of points of order on the Sep ’69 tape. it wasn’t their last meeting, the last one was a couple of weeks later, when Lennon said ‘i think you’re daft’ to Paul, and announced he was leaving the group. Also, the tape of the meeting is not in the public domain, its owned privately and excerpts were made available by the owner a few years ago when he/she put it up for auction (although it didn’t make the reserve price so was never sold). These excerpts total around 7 or 8 minutes so pretty much nobody has heard the tape in its entirety…


  3. Great episode, just got round to listening to this in 05/2020 as I am working my way through all the episodes.

    Regarding the track Mr. Bellamy, my take on this, is that it is a sarcastic reference to the incident that Paul had when he went to see the ‘happening’ that the magician David Blaine was doing when he was suspended in mid air for a week in a glass box at Tower Bridge back in 2003, also this was the incident that eventually got Geoff Baker the sack after tipping off the press about Paul’s visit.
    I maybe wrong but I always felt this to be the hidden storyline immediately after first hearing the track back in 2007.

    Just a thought.


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