4 thoughts on “Wings: Wild Life – Diana Erickson

  1. Interesting podcast. It’s a tough call, defending Wild Life. A lot of the songs sound unfinished or dazed off to me and production is non existent. I think both Paul and John learnt that anything would do from 1968 on and here that comes to fruition with a slapdash record George Martin couldn’t have put right if asked.

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  3. I love Diana’s deep analysis of the John – Paul dynamic. This is one album I never purchased, for good reason – Dear Friend and Wildlife are the only good tracks in my opinion. Diana also touches on the fact that John’s solo discography is much worse than Paul’s, many fewer good songs – John was lost musically without him. But people unjustly criticise Paul’s solo output, totally overlooking John’s own mediocre output. The review of the Imagine album in this series shows that John’s albums were just as bad, and got worse after this album. Double Fantasy was a jump in song quality, but one has to skip all the Yoko tracks. It’s obvious John was still competing with Paul, having his own wife on the album.


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