Venus and Mars – Jim Windolf

Writer and Editor, Media Desk at The New York Times, Jim Windolf discusses Wings’ 1975 album ‘Venus and Mars’ with Chris Shaw.


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2 thoughts on “Venus and Mars – Jim Windolf

  1. This great discussion triggered a possible question about the song Rock Show. There are pictures of Paul and Linda attending a Harrison concert, in disguises that includes wigs, in December 1974. Rock Show was recorded in early 1975. Could the lyrics be about Harrison and attending that show? “…Place your wig on straight…”

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  2. Thanks for this – I was really dreading listening to this album again, not so much the popular songs but the cringers. And, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered! This episode highlighted Macca’s very versatile voice, there are only 1-2 skippers (ie the last song and the stupid soap opera theme), but the general song quality is much higher than on his earliest albums, in my opinion (I’m also not a fan of most of RAM).

    Given that Lennon’s Lost Weekend and return to Yoko happened before the recording of this album, could “Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People” be a message from Paul to John? Then the “we” part of the song makes a bit more sense.

    Listening to “Letting Go”, and hearing the great horn section on numerous tracks, were very pleasant surprises! I also really like Junior’s Farm, a ripping rocker.


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