One thought on “John Lennon: Shaved Fish – Tom Holland

  1. It is so coincidental to be listening to this particular episode and to be cataloguing “Dominion” for the library here at Memorial University of Newfoundland at the same time. At lot of what Mr. Holland has to say about Shaved Fish echoes my experience of the album. My brother and I became lifelong Beatles fans after they had broken up, though it was the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” lp i 1976 that was our gateway drug and not the Red and Blue albums. “Shaved Fish” was also our first solo purchase and it was unique in the range of emotion and thoughts it provoked – from the harrowing and powerful “Cold Turkey” and “Mother” to the joyousness of “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night” and sublimity of “#9 Dream” – that created such an impact. You could enjoy “Wings Greatest”, but you experienced “Shaved Fish” and I think that comparison could be applied to the respective solo careers of Lennon and McCartney.
    Thank you for your podcast and introducing me to so many thoughtful Beatles commentators.


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