2 thoughts on “Abbey Road – Guy Pratt

  1. I too had always assumed it was Harrison but I now understand that it was in fact Eric Clapton who played the arpeggio part on Badge:

    “But you did play that Beatles-sounding bridge riff in “Badge” on Cream’s Goodbye album, didn’t you?

    No, Eric played that! He doesn’t even play on that song before that. We recorded that track in L.A,: it was Eric, plus Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, and I think the producer, Felix Pappalardi, played the piano part. I was just playing chops on the guitar chords and we went right through the second verse and into the bridge, which is where Eric comes in. Again, it sounds Beatles-ish because we ran it throught a Leslie speaker.”

    REF: https://forum.gibson.com/topic/43225-badge/

    Happy to be put right if this info is misleading?

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  2. The Yardbirds had two lead guitarists for a short time circa 1966, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, who traded solos. But not being a fan of the band, I couldn’t tell you on which recordings (a guitarist friend told me this story).

    Oh, and I just cannot believe that Guy Pratt did not know that Billy Preston was a friend of the Four Lads in their Hamburg days. Just shattered.


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