Paul McCartney: The Lyrics – Samira Ahmed

Samira Ahmed discusses her interview with Paul McCartney and Paul Muldoon at the Royal Festival Hall, and her thoughts on his book ‘Paul McCartnney – The Lyrics’. Hosted by Chris Shaw.

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2 thoughts on “Paul McCartney: The Lyrics – Samira Ahmed

  1. Wonderful interview. As a middle-aged man I feel I must break the mould somewhat and mention I was lucky enough to attend the talk in the Royal Festival Hall on the 5th. Samira did an outstanding job on the night.


  2. Excellent and insightful interview so far (I am a little more than halfway through). I do wish Ms Ahmed had been allowed to ask her question about Richard Beeching. I’ve often wondered: which of The Beatles would Dr Beeching have cut, had he been allowed to step in as manager! 😉 I am very much looking forward to watching the full interview with Paul… and now much more interested in reading the book!


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