5 thoughts on “I am the EggPod 5th Anniversary

  1. Thanks for your delightful podcast. At 6 years (1966) parents bought me a small record player with a tone and volume button. It lived in my room and by 10 (1970) I had 8 Beatles lps including oldies and hey Jude compilation, yellow sub, revolver, let it be, abbey rd, Beatles for sale, hard days and help. I can remember the thrill of instant karma on the wireless. Life after Beatles whew! Thanks you for your pod cast it’s incredibly affirming somehow . The Beatles music seemed to be the nearest thing to God on my world.


  2. I very much enjoyed the show as usual, and it was entertaining to have the tables turned on Chris Shaw! I wanted to be ‘that guy’ who went to bat for one of the supposedly bad records you bought. Kevin Dunn & the Regiment of Women is a fantastic record by a visionary artist. Kevin was a member of Atlanta, GA’s first ‘new wave’ band The Fans. They predated the popular form of New Wave, taking more influence from John Cale and Roxy Music.They release a few singles, but sadly their debut LP was never released. After their dissolusion Kevin went on to make some fantastic solo singles, EPs, and albums as well as producing the first singles by The B-52’s and Pylon. Not terrible by a long shot! In fact, you found an overlooked gem. Hope you enjoyed it!

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