The Star-Club tapes – Mark Lewisohn

Author, historian and the world’s leading authority on The Beatles, Mark Lewisohn, discusses The Beatles’ Star-Club tapes with Chris Shaw.


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2 thoughts on “The Star-Club tapes – Mark Lewisohn

  1. Fantastic – thanks so much for this. One thing I didn’t follow is Lewisohn’s idea that the tapes represent Ringo’s “first take” (meaning, it was the first time he’d played these songs with the Beatles) on some of the songs. Unless I’ve missed something, there’s no suggestion that they hadn’t played all of these songs many times (with Ringo) in the four months leading up to when the sets that were taped. Can you clarify?


  2. I only discovered ‘IAm The Eggpod’ a couple of months ago and have been catching up on them all ever since. Very interesting, informative and entertaining. It’s interesting how many of the views and experiences of the guests are similar to mine. Good to hear Mark Lewisohn say he believes the Beatles were always themselves and that he doesn’t buy the ‘clean cut, cuddly mop tops’ thing. I’ve always said that too. Anyway, thank you for these podcasts. They’re great!


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