Back to the Egg – Dan Rebellato

Dramatist, author and playwright, Dan Rebellato discusses Back to the Egg – Wings’ final album – with Chris Shaw.


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3 thoughts on “Back to the Egg – Dan Rebellato

  1. I absolutely loved this episode, only the second I’ve heard. I agree that this is one of Paul’s best periods and have always loved the album. Question: why hasn’t the Concert For Kampuchea ever been re-released? (Rights issues?)


  2. Loved this review of my favourite McCartney album. All the reasons I love it are in this episode, the different producer & sound, the much better backing musicians Steve Holly and Laurence Juber, Paul’s voice in many different registers and sounds, the short medleys, the rockers, the Broadcast poetry piece, the Rockestra songs (why not get a rock orchestra together?), the melodic bass is finally back &c.

    Having purchased almost all of this previous albums and been disappointed with the songwriting dreck blah atmosphere, and similar sounds, this album was a breath of fresh airs.

    I also had the Concert for Kampuchea double album (on cassette, which was horrid quality) and was good to listen to, albeit uneven, tho Wings & Guests were in great form.


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