4 thoughts on “The Beatles / 1967-1970 – Matt Everitt (Part one)

  1. Listening to this podcast and your musings on fish fingers, knickers and the safety of eggs, I think you need to talk to someone who was around at the time because you are quite often way off. Fish fingers started to become available with the introduction of fridges in the late 50s so were well known by 1967. Knickers was quite a rude word at that time that would not normally be spoken of and certainly not in mixed company. Salmonella became a problem with eggs with the introduction of factory farms and it was in the mid 80s that it became a serious problem.


  2. As a Canadian, I can only speak for my own country, but fortunately our CBC (Canadian B’cast Corp, based on the Beeb obviously) as well as our provincial TV broadcasters were still buying lots of British programming in the 1970s, so the word ‘knickers’ did come up from time to time, so it was quite familiar to us. Likely from Monty Python, thinking back. There was still a great affinity for British culture and products in those days (somewhat reduced today but still extant). I had the impression however that knickers meant the big, older women’s underpants (perhaps like bloomers?), but that may be mistakenly. Anyway, I married a Brit – another cracking episode, cheers.


  3. Lots of very interesting tidbits of this album – much better that the Phil Spector version! The songs here on this Glyn Johns album seem a lot brighter, more energetic, and fun than the dead, lifeless versions picked by Spector. The Johns version really should be released. I haven’t listened to Let It Be Naked, but from most accounts I’ve read it was shite, and given I didn’t like most of the songs anyway, I never bothered. Thanks again!


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