Imagine – David Quantick

Emmy Award winning screenwriter and author, David Quantick, discusses John Lennon’s 1971 album, Imagine, with Chris Shaw.


Also available on your favourite Podbods.

2 thoughts on “Imagine – David Quantick

  1. Bit late to this but thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a great album and your appreciation was a fantastic accompaniment.
    David, please do another.


  2. Really enjoyed David’s curmudgeonliness again on this episode, suitably deployed against a crap Lennon album. I’d never heard this, or any of his solo albums, other than his first and last. This album proves why – it’s substandard crap. Lennon and Macca really need someone spurring them on, else they have maybe one decent song per album. (I haven’t listened to anything Macca did after Tug of War – I just gave up, too much mediocrity).


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