3 thoughts on “Tug of War – Andy Miller

  1. I can’t claim to know why Paul McCartney used the phrase “Big B.D.” in “Ballroom Dancing,” but I have my guess. When that song came out, Aids was not yet prevalent, so the biggest concern people had from their lovemaking was venereal disease – or V.D. So when I first heard “Ballroom Dancing,” I presumed the line, “I got what I got from ballroom dancing – Big B.D.” was an intentional joke.


  2. Thanks so much for such a delightful blend of enthusiasm, background and insight. I’m not familiar with Macca’s post 1970s albums so this was a terrific intro. And Andy – while your 8 year old self was hunkered down in front of that hotel TV set on the Isle of Wight watching “Let it Be”, my 16 year old self was at that same moment unpacking in a London hotel when I saw that “Let it Be” was on the telly – a near miraculous event in those pre-streaming days. Alas my parents ordered me down to dinner so I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Thanks again for the pleasure of your chat.

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  3. I think this was the last ever LP my Dad bought. I was a 10-year old just getting into the charts and so was familiar with Ebony and Ivory and – because it was no. 1 – just accepted that this meant it was great. I haven’t heard this album since 1982 and couldn’t believe how i could sing along to those snippets and remember them so well. Wanderlust and Pound Is Falling stand out. the background stories to the recording and the shadow of Lennon were fascinating and poignant. Great job.


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